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Welcome to Maximum Freight, the best Freight Forwarding Company in USA which provides a world of limitless freight and logistics possibilities. We are more than a transport freight; we stimulate business growth, nurture global connections, and redesign your transportation and supply chain management. We are your gateway to seamless international cargo shipping, cutting-edge trans-loading services, secure bonded warehousing, and much more.

Our commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to our customers helps us stand out as the leading Freight Forwarding Company in the industry. Contact us and drive your company into a future where logistics challenges become your success opportunities.

Freight Forwarding Company in USA

Our Freight Forwarding Services

With dependability, efficiency, and innovation at Maximum Freight, we organize the plan, transforming all the hurdles into business opportunities. Our staff has the latest industry knowledge and a vast network of carriers. We ensure that your cargo travels safely, regardless of the distance.

We are your trusted Freight Forwarding Company in the ever-changing world of freight and logistics, from international cargo shipping to comprehensive transloading solutions. Choose Maximum Freight for services that cross borders, connect markets, and propel your business into a prosperous future.

Here are the services we offer:

International Cargo Shipping Company in North America

Freight Forwarding Company for International Cargo Shipping

Are you looking for a cargo shipping company near me in USA? You are at the right place. Maximum Freight is your freight forwarding company for all your shipping needs. We understand that managing international freight transportation demands a company that knows global trade. We are your partner for international cargo shipping to connect your supply chain to global markets. Our services redefine international shipping:

Extensive Global Reach:

We cover the globe with a vast network of partners, carriers, and agents, allowing your business easy access to new markets and customers.

Regulatory Expertise:

Our specialists have experience in international regulations, streamlining the customs clearance procedure and guaranteeing seamless transit.

Real-time Tracking:

We use the latest monitoring technology to stay informed. Our system monitors your cargo journey in real time, providing you peace of mind and control over your shipments.

Cost Efficiency:

We optimize routes, carriers, and modes of conveyance to offer you the most cost-effective shipping options without sacrificing quality.

Timely Deliveries:

In the realm of international trade, timing is everything. Our dedication to on-time delivery ensures that your products arrive when needed.

Trusted Distribution Warehouse Services

Our distribution warehouses are designed to empower your business, optimize your supply chain, and increase customer satisfaction. We understand that you expect quick deliveries and interactions and are here to help you meet your needs.

Our distribution facilities are positioned strategically to give you a competitive advantage. We choose locations to minimize transportation costs and reduce time-to-market, regardless of whether you need to serve local or global markets.

Customer retention requires quick and accurate order fulfillment. Our warehouse services are optimized to efficiently pick, pack, and dispatch orders, ensuring that your customers always receive their products on time.

Whether experiencing seasonal demand surges or expanding your business, our warehousing services are scalable. We handle this so you can focus on increasing your business without worrying about space limitations. Our distribution warehouses seamlessly integrate into your supply chain, resulting in decreased transportation costs, improved order accuracy, and enhanced overall efficiency. Our bonded storage ensures your products are always protected and cooperative with customs regulations.

Distribution Warehouse Services in North America

Hazardous Class 8 and 9 Warehousing Services in North America

Our hazardous materials warehousing services at Maximum Freight prioritize safety, compliance, and accuracy. We have experts in the handling, storing, and distributing class 8 and class 9 hazardous materials, providing businesses with a reliable company for navigating the complexities of chemicals and hazmat cargo.

Handling Class 8 Corrosive Cargo

Our specialized facilities are designed to accommodate class 8 corrosive substances while maintaining the highest safety and environmental protection levels. We prevent leakage, spills, and contamination, and our state-of-the-art storage facilities provide the highest level of security for your corrosive cargo. We store and manage it with utmost care, as our team is trained and certified in hazmat handling, rigorously following all regulatory guidelines.

Managing Class 9 Dangerous Goods

Class 9 dangerous goods comprise various hazardous substances, which need precision and expertise in their management. Whether you are dealing with hazardous waste, lithium batteries, or other harmful products, we have the facilities and protocols to safely and compliantly manage these materials.

Seamless Transloading Services

At Maximum Freight, we understand that cargo must frequently change modes of conveyance, whether from sea to land, train to truck, or vice versa. Our transloading services are designed to make this transition efficient and cost-effective, sparing you time and resources.

The benefits of our transloading services include:

Optimized Efficiency:

Our specialists manage the transfer of your cargo with extreme care, minimizing handling time and the risk of damage during the transition.

Cost Savings:

By integrating shipments and optimizing load factors, we contribute to your bottom line by reducing transportation costs.

Strategic Locations:

Our strategically placed transloading facilities are close to key transportation hubs, improving accessibility and convenience.

Customized Solutions:

We recognize that each shipment is unique. Our transloading services are tailored to your needs, ensuring your cargo moves without any hurdles.

Streamlined Documentation:

Our team manages all required paperwork and compliance, reducing your administrative burden.

Risk Management:

We minimize the possibility of delays or errors during the transloading process with our team of experts and advanced tracking systems.

Unlock the Benefits of Bonded Warehousing

Bonded warehousing plays the leading role in efficient global supply chain management. Our services are designed to provide secure storage solutions while ensuring compliance with customs regulations. We offer a high level of security to protect your goods. We comply with customs regulations, allowing you to store imported goods before they are released for distribution or export.

We understand business requirements fluctuate, so our bonded storage solutions are adaptable. Whether you require short-term or long-term storage, we have you covered. Our inventory management systems offer real-time visibility into your stocked items. It ensures complete inventory control, reducing the risk of stockouts and overstocks.

Our facilities are strategically located to facilitate logistics efficiency. This proximity to transportation hubs ensures that your products are transported rapidly and easily from the warehouse to their final destination. We employ quality control measures to ensure your products remain safe in our bonded warehouses.

Our Sea Freight Forwarders Services

Maximum Freight is a USA freight forwarding company. We have mastered the art of sea freight forwarding in USA, ensuring that your cargo voyage across the oceans is efficient and affordable. Our sea freight forwarder services are designed to satisfy the specific requirements of sea transport and provide a comprehensive solution to your shipping requirements.

Reliable Carrier Partnerships:

We have strong alliances with reputable carriers to ensure your cargo is on trusted ships. We have partnerships from bulk carriers for container shipping to meet your needs.

Global Reach, Local Expertise:

Our comprehensive global network includes ports and terminals worldwide. This scope is supplemented by our local knowledge, which ensures that your cargo passes through customs efficiently and adheres to all regulations.

Flexible Shipping Options:

From Full Container Load (FCL) to Less-Than-Container-Load (LCL), we provide flexible shipping options based on the bulk of your cargo. Whether your shipment is large or small, we have the appropriate solution for all your needs.

We integrate the latest technology in our systems that provides real-time tracking of your cargo, ensuring you’re always informed about its location and status.

Shipping from China to the US: Your Gateway to Global Trade in USA

At Maximum Freight, we have perfected this complex logistics voyage. Our Shipping from China to the US services are designed to simplify a complex and time-sensitive process, ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination securely on time.

Here are the benefits of our shipping from China to the US services in North America:

Seamless Connectivity:

Our extensive network of carriers and partners in China and the United States ensures that your products cross borders without a hitch. We navigate international trade regulations and customs procedures for proper delivery.

Cost-Effective Timely Solutions:

Our services are optimized to provide the most economical shipping options, enabling you to maximize your profits. With our expertise and dedication to on-time deliveries, you can rely on us to consistently meet your delivery deadlines.

Reliable Project Cargo Services in USA

Some shipments demand expertise, care, and precision that exceeds the standard practice. Our project cargo services in North America offer customized solutions for the most complex and specialized logistical challenges.

We provide many solutions for your cargo’s needs with our knowledge and resources to manage your oversized, hefty, high-value, or time-sensitive freight.

We invest in the latest technology to ensure safe management and transportation of your project cargo. Our specialized equipment includes heavy-duty cranes, flatbed trailers, and secure storage facilities.

Our experts comprehend the complexities of project cargo logistics. We work closely with you to develop a plan that ensures your cargo’s timely, secure, and economical delivery. From planning and route optimization to transportation, handling, and ultimate delivery, we manage your project cargo from loading to unloading.

We have the global reach required to manage international project cargo due to our extensive global network of partners and carriers. We have the connections necessary to transport your cargo across continents and oceans. Our services are designed to mitigate risks and reduce disruptions, protecting your assets and keeping everything on schedule.

Reliable Project Cargo Services in North America

Efficient Container Yard Services in USA

At Maximum Freight, we understand that effective cargo management is the foundation of a successful supply chain. Our container yard services are designed to ensure that your containers are handled with precision, security, and swiftness, facilitating seamless delivery of your products.

Secure Storage Facilities:

Our container yards are equipped with secure storage facilities for your containers. Whether you require short-term or long-term storage, our yards are designed to meet your requirements. We update our safety and security, ensuring your valuable cargo is always protected.

Strategic Location:

Our container yards are close to major transportation centers, such as ports, railroads, and highways. This prominent location enables swift and cost-effective container movements, minimizing transit times and transportation expenses.

Inventory Management:

Our container yards offer comprehensive inventory management services. Our surveillance and management systems enable you to monitor your containers in real time, enhancing your cargo’s visibility and control.

Transloading and Cross-Docking:

We offer transloading and cross-docking services at our container yards to optimize your logistics further. It allows for the seamless transfer of goods between various modes of transportation, reducing handling time and costs while increasing the flow of goods through your supply chain.

Why Choose Us Shipping

Why We Are Best Freight Forwarding Company


We have the expertise to manage your freight and logistics requirements, regardless of their complexity, due to over 10 years of experience in the industry.

Global Provider:

We have a global presence, connecting businesses worldwide and assisting them in entering new markets.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

We utilize cutting-edge technology to provide real-time tracking, inventory administration, and visibility into the supply chain.


We customize our services to satisfy your unique requirements and surpass your expectations.

Reliable Carriers:

We work with trusted carriers to ensure your packages’ timely and secure delivery.

At Maximum Freight, we deliver exceptional results on every project we undertake. Our international cargo shipping services represent a dedication to your success. We plan, adapt, and innovate everything according to your interest to ensure the smooth transport of your most challenging cargo.

With an unmatched commitment to accuracy and customer satisfaction, we stand by your side. Your vision is our mission, and we navigate the process together.

Are you prepared to advance your freight and logistics? Contact Maximum Freight immediately to discuss how our services benefit your company. Choose our services and optimize your supply chain, reduce costs, and improve the efficacy of your business. Book a free consultation call now!

Maximum Freight is experienced in the customs process of international shipping

We have a vast array of contacts and a network of customs brokers for customs clearance for imports and export shipments. Calculating duty amounts, customs filing, compliance with customs rules and regulations and possible custom exams, all are often overlooked but extremely important shipping procedures. We also have the ability to assess these costs internationally at the destinations our clients intend to ship to. If you are shipping to a new destination and are unfamiliar with that countries import and export regulations leave it to us! We have a network of other agents around the globe that will help our customers ensure their shipment is within compliance at the destination. Customs is a very important aspect of shipping operations but one that we can handle completely for our customers.

Freight Forwarding Company

Maximum Freight is a licensed NVOCC freight forwarder

If you’re unfamiliar with the term it simply means we are Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier, which means we don’t actually own or operate any vessels, ships, or planes (we do have some of our own trucks though). What does this mean for our customers and why is this a benefit? Freight Forwarders utilize a network of vessels, truckers, air carriers, and other modes of transportation carriers to move freight and goods around the world.

ocean freight company

Global network

If you ship around the planet it’s good to know someone on the other side. Maximum Freight Worldwide has developed relationships with many agents around the globe. This allows us to transact business smoothly for our customers at the country of origin or destination. It means we have selected trustworthy partners that are also knowledgeable to ensure the journey of your goods is in great hands from point A to point B. It also allows us access to international laws and regulations of any part of the word for importing and exporting.

What exactly can Maximum Freight ship?

Simply put; Almost anything. Because of our network of carriers and vast experience in importing and exporting goods we can find the right service for the job. That means anything from a small box that needs to make it from New York to Shanghai for a relative to a large, oversize, piece of machinery that needs to make it from Shanghai back to NY for a construction project. Yes, our versatility is quite expansive.

Shipping company in USA

What about COSTS ?

At Maximum Freight we are aware that shipping is a necessary and important part of a business and ultimately it affects the bottom line. This is another advantage of being a forwarder that has access to several carrier choices. Having choices and options also means finding the best price and cost effective solution for our customers. We are familiar and experienced with working with several carriers for all modes of transportation and know which ones are more economical, which charge premiums for better service, and those that fall somewhere in-between. In the end, it means we will pair up the best carrier provided our customer’s shipping needs.

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