15 Tips on Global Shipping

There’s a lot to be said about global shipping. It’s how we as consumers acquire so many things in such a short amount of time. Have you ever wondered about the many tasks you have to do before you can ship? How do you go about shipping something small versus a large shipment of cargo? 

Preparing Your Shipment

Finding the right freight forwarding company is not always easy. There are many moving parts that are vital to the entire process of global shipping. Considering all of the aspects that there are to global shipping, it’s very important to prepare yourself. Whether that means to pack your own cargo or to use one of the freight forwarders services is up to you.

What to Ship and When

There are several different ways to ship your freight. Knowing your cargo and the mode of transportation to send it in can be very important for efficiency reasons. Classifying the weight and dimensions of your cargo so you know which method to send it in may also help you determine when to ship it as well. 

Company References

You should reach out and find good references from companies that have ties with the country you plan on shipping to. Researching different companies will help you find what you are looking for in a company.

Having the Correct Paperwork

There is a mountain of paperwork behind every shipment. That’s why it’s extremely important to keep your paperwork up to date and accurate. The slightest error can cause a domino effect. 

Get Multiple Quotes

It’s always recommended that you get quotes for the services that you need. Prices and services vary from company to company. You will never know which shipping company is the best fit for you if you don’t expand your research. Many freight forwarding companies offer free quotes and will give you a detailed estimate of the costs for shipping containers.  

Ask Questions

Knowledge is power. Sometimes companies don’t give you a clear description of what they offer and sometimes it’s difficult to explain what services you may need. Asking questions plays an important part in deciding which company to choose and how to ship. What other companies have they worked with? How much experience do they have with the freight I’m shipping?

What Services do they Offer

Each of these companies offers an array of services to fit the shipper’s needs. You should understand and evaluate what services they offer and which ones you will be needing. Some offer specific services that others do not. You wouldn’t choose a company that doesn’t fit your needs. 

Duties and Tariffs

Germany has recently required paperwork to [rove that the items you ship there are recyclable. This is just one example of several that every country has a different set of duty fees and regulations. Make sure you find out what the duty fees are for the goods you’re going to ship. Also, look into the items that are prohibited from shipping to the country you’re shipping to. Otherwise, you could be looking at a lot of hassles in your future.

Misrepresentation and Under-Declaring your items value

The more the shipper (you) packs the items by themselves, the higher the chance there is of customs inspection and extra charges associated with the inspection. This would cause your shipment to come to a dead halt. Once your items are in the customs department of that country, it’s out of the freight forwarders’ hands. Customs will release the goods when they decide to, and that’s if they decide to release them in the first place.

Cover All Your Bases  

Make sure you read the entire quote that you’ve been provided with. Always ask if your goods are covered by insurance and how much it will cost you. You never know what can happen during a shipment. Delays can happen from things like bad weather and even customs can have a hand in the situation. Regardless of the situation, it’s important to keep your goods covered to ensure their safety during transit. Otherwise, you could end up losing your money and your goods.

Shipping Bulk Items

Say you have a large shipment of fragile items that you need delivering right away. It’s safe to say that your easiest bet would be a type of bulk cargo service. Crating your items provides the highest level of protection from these items being damaged during transit. It’s important to check the cost of the packing fees that the company you choose offers so you can ensure your shipment is safe and secure. 

Customs Inspections and Quarantine

In the event that customs decide to inspect your items, there will be additional fees. They may end up even confiscating your items and then subject them to quarantine. This can happen for a number of reasons. Most commonly from goods that pose a possible health violation such as certain foods and supplements. This could mean you paying a much larger amount in the future. 

Choosing Best Mode of Transport for Goods

Certain requirements need to be met when shipping perishable items. This includes choosing the proper shipping method. You would be more suited to choosing an air carrier due to the time-sensitivity of the cargo. This is just one example of many as to why it’s important to understand the needs of your shipments. You could end up spending more money when you use the wrong method of shipment. 

Different Custom Requirements

Brush up on the standard customs requirements and prohibited items before you decide to ship anywhere. This is important because your goods may be intercepted and confiscated. You may even be breaking that country’s laws. There are hundreds of different requirements for certain items in each country. 

Beware of Hidden Fees

If you haven’t fully researched the freight forwarding company that you’ve decided to use then you could end up paying hidden fees. They may be charging you for packaging and warehousing fees. Make sure that you read the quote that they give you and ask any questions you may have about the process of the shipment.  

Plenty of work goes into shipping your goods. That’s why it’s important to plan these things out. It’s smart to ensure the safety of your items. It’s equally as important to check the quality standards of the company you choose. You need to know if they’re careful with your goods as well as having the capability to deliver the shipment on time. 

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