Automotive Shipping with Maximum Freight

Shipping vehicles? Maximum Freight has all your automotive shipping needs covered! We have specialized in moving all types of vehicles. Shipping a vehicle comes with its unique set of requirements and challenges. Our experienced operators are familiar with the details inefficient vehicle import and exports. There are many modes and methods for moving a vehicle. We offer containerized Ro/Ro, and specialized equipment moves and even air freight.

Modes of Vehicle Transportation:

Not all vehicles have the same transportation requirements. Size, value, and other factors can determine how a vehicle ships. While most vehicles travel in standard containers, some shippers prefer not to place their vehicles in a box. For those a Ro/Ro (roll on roll off) option is better where the vehicle is driven directly onto the vessel. For larger equipment open tops, flat racks, or mafis may be required to fit out of gauge units. Fortunately at Vital Worldwide we offer all modes of transportations for automotive moves.

Specialized Loading and Storage:

Some vehicles will require special loading into containers. Large equipment such as dump trucks and tractors may require some disassembly to properly board a vessel or fit within a container. Vital Worldwide is well equipped to handle special requirements for any type of vehicle. In addition to this we have a variety of secure indoor and outdoor warehousing solutions should you need to keep vehicle inventory safe prior to loading.

Customs Clearance and Title Clearance:

Title clearance is absolutely critical for vehicle shipping. Before any vehicle can be exported the title must be verified to be free and clear for shipment. Title clearance also ensures the vehicle is not reported stolen or part of any legal dispute. If a title is not cleared and the vehicle departs Customs will recall the vehicle and require the vehicle to be returned on the shipper's expense plus pay any applicable penalties and fines. Maximum Freight has a network to process titles efficiently to ensure your vehicles sail without issue.

Types of Vehicles Shipped:

  • Used Vehicles.
  • New Vehicles. Dealership transport.
  • Tractors and Farm equipment.
  • Construction vehicles. IE Dumptrucks, Backhoes, Cranes.
  • High end vehicles. IE Collector vehicles, Ferrari, Bentley, McLaren, Bugatti

Vehicle Shipping Services:

  • Container Blocking and Bracing.
  • Enclosed and Non-Enclosed Car Trailer Transport.
  • Vehicle dismantling and vessel preparation.
  • Indoor and Outdoor secure storage and warehousing.
  • Title Clearance and AES Filing.
  • Import clearance filing.


Vehicle shipping is a unique form of logistics. Make sure you have a trusted and experienced forwarder to handle your vehicle and auto shipping needs. At Maximum Freight we have a combined experience of over 30 years shipping vehicles of all kinds. Contact us today for more information!