15 Tips on Shipping to China

China’s eCommerce market has significantly grown over the past half a decade. It has become one of the world’s favorite import and shipping destinations. For most people, however, shipping to China is still a great challenge. This is because of their strict policies regarding the import of international products.  Below, we have combined 15 tips to help you understand these …

Vital Worldwide Logistics


The most common question we receive as freight forwarders is: “How much does it cost to ship from point A to point B”? This is an entirely reasonable inquiry when importing or exporting goods internationally. After all, as a business, your bottom line is the ultimate concern. But are there other factors to consider when inquiring about freight rates for your goods?

Glossary of Terms

Agent An independent person or corporation acting as a representative, usually in a foreign market, who attempts to sell products for an overseas seller (principal) and earns a commission on successful sales. Agents are not normally involved in delivery or servicing of product. Air Waybill (AWB) The document which covers transport by air. It is issued by the carrier, whether …