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Meenu Agarwal

Head of Trade Development

FROM: Edison, NJ
BACKGROUND: Moradabad, India
TEAM MEMBER SINCE: 2016 ACCREDITATIONS: Wilsonia School, Moradabad
Major: Information Technologies

UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: Worked 3 years in IT prior to Logistics. Well travelled. Lived in London, Chicago, and most Major cities in India.

QUOTE: “Work hard. Work smart. Work with pride.”




Is there anything she can’t figure out? So far we haven’t seen it! Meenu thrives at finding creating solutions to complex problems. She is the Vital Team’s go-to for logistic solutions that require alternative solutions.



Meenu is always driven to go above and beyond customer expectations. She never stops at the first solution, but rather wants the best solutions for our clients. She is always searching for new opportunities for the Vital Team and our customers alike!



Meenu has had a lot of different experience in many different fields of logistics. She can handle air, ocean, project, and just about any other mode of transportation available. She also has worked with many different types of commodities. Think of her as the Swiss Army knife of freight forwarding!

Life outside of Logistics

When she’s not in the office she prides herself in being a mother. Family is extremely important to Meenu as well as her local community.