Warehousing with Maximum Freight

Keeping your cargo safe prior to export or after importation is a critical component to your supply chain. Oftentimes in logistics, the emphasis is placed on how the cargo moves. But all too often a consideration for a safe and reliable solution for the cargo after transport is complete is an afterthought. At Maximum Freight, we have a network of reliable warehouses so that we can meet our customer’s storage requirements. All of our warehouses are safe, secure, and follow all regulations and compliance set forth by State and Federal law.

Warehousing Types and Services:

Maximum Freight warehouses offer many different services which may be required by your team. We understand that different cargo requires different services and our network has you covered. Some of our services are listed below:

  • Free Trade Zone.
  • Secure - guarded.
  • Indoor and Outdoor options.
  • Crating, palletizing, shrink wrap, and labelling.
  • Devanning and loading services.
  • Inventory reporting.
  • Dangerous Goods / Hazmat storage.
  • TSA approved warehouses.

Do I need a specific type of warehouse?

This depends on what you are shipping and how you are shipping it. For instance air cargo requires that the warehouse be TSA approved. Dangerous goods need to be stored in a warehouse that meets HazMat compliance with State and Federal Laws. If you have goods which will enter into US commerce over time you may need a Free Trade Zone (FTZ) approved warehouse location where duties are allowed to be charged only upon exiting the warehouse. In any case Maximum Freight has a network that covers all of these scenarios and more!

Our network is also Nationwide so no area or territory is uncovered. If you have cargo inbound or outbound contact Maximum Freight today. We are on standby to answer any of your questions. Quotes and inquiries are always free. We look forward to hearing from you!

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